Old Kennett Meetinghouse

Celebrating 300 years of religious freedom

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Tours Available

Email here to request a free tour of Old Kennett. Tours are offered by request and take about 30-40 minutes. Donations are appreciated to keep up with the restoration project. 

Email your tour request here: [email protected].The best times are in the afternoon's around 4pm weekdays or Sunday afternoon. 

Use of Metal Detectors.

Use of metal detectors is not allowed in the burial ground area, please respect our ancient burial ground.

Metal detectors may be used on the property around the Meetinghouse. Please be sure to refill any holes that are dug and replace grass when digging for artifacts. Let us know what you find. 

A Tribute to "Old Kennett"

Written in 1910 on the occasion of Old Kennett Meeting's Bicentenial

Two hundred years ago, they say,

These walls composed of stone and clay,

Were built by men whose faith and zeal

Greatly aided our common weal.

We who are gathered here today

To honor those who have passed away,

Have but faint idea of the patient care

And trials these men were compelled to bear.

Their work was good—they built to endure,

Each stone was laid to be secure,

How well they toiled we can see today.

For nothing has crumbled or gone to decay.

The seats and benches were quite plain;

Few people at that time were vain;

No cushioned pew was given thought—

The grace of God was only sought.

The meetings were earnest, though members few;

The members were scarce, for our land was new.

Around these historic grounds where the pine trees nod,

Sincere was the praise they gave to God.

Let us all resolve to take greater part

In helping those of heavy heart;

To assist each other and worship the Lord,

And there can be no doubt of our heavenly reward

by S. Hammer Benson.1910