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Christopher Densmore
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Kennett Meeting Quakers were serious about their peace testimony during the American Revolution.  The Monthly Meeting records record a number of cases were Friends who had erred were "labored with." Interesting, most of the cases involve actions far short of actually joining the army.  Adam Seed's case is typical. He had made wheels for cannon carriages. For this act, the monthly meeting sent around a committee to suggest that this was not exactly Quakerly behavior and to determine if Adam could be brought back into "unity" with Friends. Adam did apologize for his action in a statement read at meeting and recorded in the Kennett  Monthly Meeting minutes for 10th Month 16, 1777:

[Adam Seed] "Notwithstanding I have had a right of membership among the people called Quakers but not enough regarding the pinciples of Truth in my own heart have so far erred as to join with military preparation so far as to make wheels for cannon carriages after being advised to the contrary, it being inconsistent with the principles professed by me for which error I am heartily sorry and do condemn the same and desire  Friends to continue me under their care, hoping for the future to be more careful."

 And Adam continued to be a member of Kennett.

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