Old Kennett Meetinghouse

Celebrating 300 years of religious freedom

Old Kennett meeting house needs to be saved...

Funding is needed to restore the exterior surfaces of Old Kennett Meeting house structure.

Scope of Work


Phase 1 -Roof Replacement - Completed December, 2010

A new '50-year' historically proper cedar shake roof has been installed. The $22,000 cost has been paid with donations and the support of Kennett Friends Meeting. Thank you!


Phase 2 Exterior Projects: 

Restoration of Shutters - Paint is removed with stripper, where joints are too open for sealers to fill, holes are drilled and counter sunk to draw openings together with screws and wood plugs installed to hide screw heads. Entire shutter is primed with XIM Primer Sealer which has 800 pounds of adhesion, will expand and contract 1400%, forming a 100% moisture barrier, is mold and moisture resistant and which provides a vehicle for adhesion of color finish products. Wood repairs are made where necessary with premium quality wood filler developed to retain it when expansion and contraction occurs during climate changes. All other minor gaps are filled with an oil based geo cell urethane 50-year caulk and adhesive.

Shutters and Hardware - All shutters contain moisture due to exposure to the elements. Shutters need to be removed, inventoried and taken to a heated drying room to prevent painting wet wood, when warm weather approaches, the Sun and heat will draw out the moisture trapped in the wood causing the new finish products to bubble, peel and fail. 

Shutter Hardware Restoration - Metal surfaces will be cleaned of all loose paint and rust. A special formula is used to turn the rust into carbon, stopping the spread of corrosion. Fasteners are tested to be secure in wood any loose fasteners will be extracted and screw holes restored to install and tighten screws. All metal is primed with zinc base primer and industrial metal lacquer black finish applied to all hinges, pinnacles located on window openings and stays, tie backs, pull rings, slide bolts and receivers.

Copper Caps - Copper caps will be installed to eliminate the issue of shutters, which are continuously exposed to falling moisture, deteriorating. Although the styles and panels are drawn together and sealed, the finish on the tops of the shutters is the first to fail as the water eventually penetrates the bare wood.

Restoration of Painted Wood Substrates - Loose paint to be removed, sanded, surfaces primed, all openings filled with oil based caulk and finish applied. Wood epoxy and cedar used to fill damaged wood, to include all exterior wood trim.

Window sashes and glass restorations - The wood mullions are in poor condition, the glazing in the majority of the window glass openings is loose or missing, the windowpanes are hand blown glass and they are especially brittle. Breakage will occur during the restorations and re-glazing of the sashes. Several window panes are currently cracked and will be replaced also. Same preparation and application procedure applies to the windows and wood as noted above. All glass is cleaned of old loose paint and dirt, interior and exterior. Unstable glazing is removed, voids and entire sash is primed, new glazing is applied. All surfaces primed and then tow coats of finish applied. It should be noted that the window pane with bullet holes in the attic window shall not be replaced as to keep up the legend (whether it be true or false) that those holes were made by revolutionary war weaponry.

Door Restoration - Five doors are to be restored, removal is necessary to properly address repairs on lower portion of front doors The outer bottom of the doors are distressed from water damage due to bottom bare wood exposure to moisture. Repair wood, prime and seal door bottoms where these conditions exist. The hardware will receive the same procedures as noted under shutters. Hinges are buffed; pins cleaned and lubed for smooth bind-free operations, screw mounting holes are reconditioned to assure screws are tight and secure. Bottoms are sealed from moisture.

Masonry Walls - Several areas of the building show signs of efflorescence, this is where the paint is peeling off and chalking, flaking and failure of mortar is evident. This condition will continue to spread if not stopped. Areas will be scraped and a chemical applied to kill contamination; proper masonry sealers will be applied, voids patched and repainting done with a masonry sealer coating. Conditions exist where wood window and door openings meet with unstable wall openings and spot repairs will be done applying permanent oil sealer caulk in the openings.


Priority/Project Costs:

Priority #1 - Shutters - $6,300

Priority #2 - Doors - $4,250

Priority #3 - Windows - $6,000

Priority #4 - Exterior Surface: $5,000 


Please help by sending your check to:


Old Kennett Committee

Kennett Friends Meeting

P.O. Box 122 

Kennett Square PA 19348